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Lil’ Love Notes

Elegantly crafted greeting cards you can see, feel and smell, for a truly unique gift experience

A happy birthday greeting card, on top of black envelopes with pressed blooms and wax seals.
A pen on top of a congratulations card on a gold foil-lined envelope, with pens in the background.
A Mother's Day card and a black envelope addressed to 'Mommy' on an open journal, with pens in the background.
A wax seal with the Lil' Love Notes resting beside the seal stamp.
A happy birthday greeting card, black envelope with pressed blooms and a waxed seal, and a white mailing envelope with a seal stamp.

About Us

Lil’ Love Notes was born from a desire to revive the charm, elegance, beauty and personal touch of handwritten letters and cards. We believe that greeting cards are more than just a piece of paper – they’re a way to connect with the people we care about and show them how much we value them whether they’re near or far. 

That’s why we’re dedicated to creating cards that are not only beautiful, but also meaningful and memorable. Showing gratitude, extending your congratulations, expressing feelings of adoration or simply letting someone know you’re thinking of them is an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary and unique.

Every card is a work of art, a true reflection of the thought and care that goes into choosing the perfect way to express your sentiments, and can be easily customized for personal use. Our greeting cards are made using only the finest quality materials, including premium cardstock, high-end linen textured gold foil envelopes, beautiful embellishments, and our unique fragrance infused stationery that will delight the senses. From the moment you or your recipient receives one of our cards, you’ll know that it’s something special – a true work of art that has been created with care and passion. Finally, we seal it with our stamp as proof of authenticity before securely mailing it to your recipient.


Handwritten Cards

Each custom card is made to order, just for you, with care and attention to detail, ensuring a personalized touch that will leave a lasting impression.

Premium Materials

To create our lil’ love notes, we use only high-grade materials that are vibrant, thicker and luxurious to the touch for an appeal you can see and feel.

Natural Fragrances

We select the finest natural aromas to infuse our envelopes with light, fresh and delightful fragrances, including sweet orange, lavender and peppermint, creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Writing Services

Not sure what to say? We can craft a meaningful and charming message that will make your loved ones feel truly special.

Complimentary shipping

We’re happy to offer complimentary standard shipping on every order.

Global Shipping

No matter where they are*, we’re here to deliver our products straight to your loved ones. Ships from Ontario, Canada.


Penned By You

Write your message for that special someone
and leave the rest to us.

Penned By Us

We offer the same complete package, in addition to writing a custom message on your behalf.

For Me

Be a giver and a receiver! We will send a card specially written for you.


Q: How long will it take to process my order?
A: To maintain our quality standards and meet demand, we process and ship all orders within 3 business days.

Q: What type of messages can I write or have written for me?
A: (Almost) Anything! Romantic notes, heartfelt poems, quick notes, comedic materpieces and spicy messages, to name a few. Whether you’re sending a lil’ love note to a friend, relative or partner, get creative and send the right message!

Q: How will my order be mailed?
A: After your gift card and envelope are sealed with our custom wax stamp, we mail them in a premium white envelope to protect the contents during the mailing process.
Please note that the sender’s address will be used as the return address if it differs from the recipient address.

Q: How does your custom writing service work?
A: If you can’t quite find the words you’re looking for, we will do it for you! Go to our shop, select the Penned By Us option and begin the customization process.
You will be asked to provide information we can use to craft the right message for your recipient. Please give as much detail as possible, including your relationship to the recipient, the occasion, the reason for the note and if you have any formatting request, for example, a poem.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
A: All orders are mailed though Canada Post and their delivery standards are as follows:

Canada (Ontario, Nationwide): 2 – 4 business days
U.S.A: 4 – 6 business days
International: 4- 7 business days
*Please note there can be delays or disruptions to service. You can check here for the latest information from Canada Post.

Q: Can I send a surprise card to myself?
A: We’re so glad you’re interested in our For Me option where you receive a surprise message from us! Giving gifts is wonderful and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get one too! You deserve love, appreciation,encouragement and to have your milestones and accomplishments acknowledged.

Q: Do you offer returns or refunds?
A: Please note that as our custom-made products are made-to-order and uniquely personalized to your specifications, we are unable to offer returns or refunds.

Q: Do you offer cards in languages other than English?
A: Not at the moment but do join our mailing list and be the first to know about any product updates and new offerings!

Q: What are you official social media and email accounts?
A: For your safety, here is the offical list:
Website: lillovenotes.com
Email: hello@lillovenotes.com
Instagram: @lillovenotesofficial

Q: Will my data be saved?
A: For safety and security purposes, the data provided at checkout is kept in our secure records. We only request information necessary to process your order. Under no circumstances, do we sell your data.

Q: Are there potential allergens?
A:Yes, please read carefully. A variety of natural essential oils are used in the process of creating our scented envelopes. Some essential oils and their ingredients may not be safe for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with essential oil allergies or some medical conditions, children or pets. While the products are lightly scented, if you are uncertain about the condition of your recipient, we suggest not selecting fragrance as an additional option.

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